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Numbers from Berlin: The cost of housing refugees per day

For months, cities and municipalities have been complaining about reaching their breaking point in the refugee crisis. There is a lack of space and money. The cost of accommodating displaced people is now becoming clear based on figures from the capital.

Refugees: Over a million euros in daily costs

Berlin is utilizing the former Tegel airport for an XXL shelter. There are about 7100 places for refugees in several lightweight halls. And it comes at a price, as reported by “Bild”. The accommodation alone costs 1,172,204.53 euros – per day. This amounts to 427,854,653.45 euros per year for this facility. Currently, 3408 Ukrainians and 1333 asylum seekers from other countries are accommodated there.

Additionally, Berlin Tempelhof, another decommissioned airport in the heart of the city, serves as an accommodation. There are 1359 places on the former runway, costing 228,000 euros per day.

2023: 12.8 million euros for the rental of hotel rooms

Furthermore, hotels and hostels have been rented in Berlin. Currently, 1617 places are occupied, costing the city 101,046 euros per day. According to the report, ten hotels and hostels in the city area are currently rented. On average, including meals, 62.49 euros per person are incurred daily, as reported by “Bild-Zeitung”.

These contracts run until the end of June 2024 at the latest. Currently, Berlin is not acquiring any new hotels or hostels. In the current year, the capital has already spent approximately 12.8 million euros on the rental of hotel rooms. For comparison: in 2022, a total of only 3.4 million euros were spent on this.



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