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Wokeness or Correctness?: Green Party Removes Adenauer Quote from EU Program Because He Was Not a Feminist

The “BILD” newspaper reports that at the party conference of the Greens, the district association Berlin-Mitte proposed and succeeded in removing a quote from Konrad Adenauer from the EU program.

“This unity was a dream of a few. It became a hope for many. It is today a necessity for all,” is the quote from the first German Chancellor.

However, the proposers argued that Adenauer “elevated Nazis to high offices after the war” and was also not a feminist. “The green vision for Europe is feminist, takes a clear stand against the right, and definitely does not bear the name of Konrad Adenauer,” the reasoning of the proposal was read out amidst thunderous applause.

Ruth Voted Against the Removal but Was Unsuccessful

Green Party member Claudia Roth was reported to have been part of a minority that voted against the removal at the party conference as reported by the “BILD” newspaper.

Roth emphasized that Adenauer himself had been in a Nazi prison and had made Germany into a free democracy at the heart of Europe. Roth mentioned that Adenauer might not have been a “top feminist”. However, the quote demonstrated a deep friendship with France and in a way marked the “beginning of the European idea”. “This is more relevant than ever!” Roth stated.

The majority of the Greens, however, voted for the removal of the Adenauer quote, resulting in its removal from the European election program.



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