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Xmas Greetings from Politicians: Criticism for Lang, Lauterbach Gives Gift Tips

Xmas Greetings from Politicians: Criticism for Lang, Lauterbach Gives Gift Tips

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As Christmas approaches, politicians take the opportunity to spread Xmas Greetings on social media. Not always do the wishes and messages resonate well with people. While some are met with ridicule, others post selfies or showcase themselves in unique outfits.

Xmas Greetings from Ricarda Lang Backfire

The Green Party chairwoman Ricarda Lang was no exception. On a Saturday eveningpublished a message on “X” (formerly Twitter) which contained both English and German elements. Ricarda Lang greeted with the words “The dog days are not over. Merry Christmas from Ylvie and me”. What she exactly wanted to convey remains unclear.

The attached photo shows the 29-year-old lovingly holding her white dog Ylvie in her arms. While some perceived this as a nice Christmas greeting and a cute dog picture, her Christmas greeting also sparked criticism and ridicule.

A debate erupted under Lang’s dog picture. Some users accused her of employing an old political trick. One user writes: “Pretending with a small dog has always been an old trick.” Another comments, “This dog is terrified.”

Lang is accused of using her dog for political purposes. “And now even dogs from the Greens are being politicized. They really have no boundaries,” writes a user. Others expressed their sympathy for the seemingly sick and unhappy dog: “What’s wrong with his eye? Why is he not particularly happy? That sad expression. Is he sick?” asks a user. Some commentators even made ironic comparisons between the intellect of the two depicted individuals.

Marcus Söder in a special sweater

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) is also familiar with the trick with the dog. Not this year though. In a video message, he wishes his followers “a beautiful fourth Advent and a Merry Christmas”. So far, so normal.

“And for me, I wish,” Söder continues, “that not only the world becomes more peaceful and everyone stays healthy, but also that maybe 1. FC Nürnberg will be promoted. That would be a nice Christmas present.” The CSU leader is wearing a Christmas sweater of 1. FC Nürnberg – currently tenth in the second Bundesliga.

A user comments: “Keep dreaming Markus”. And another writes: “I don’t want to buy this sweater”.

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann on the slopes

In ski attire, the FDP member of the Bundestag Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann sends Christmas greetings. She is seen in the best weather on the ski slope and shares the mountain panorama. “I wish you a Merry Christmas and blessed holidays. I hope you and yours can take the time to catch your breath and recharge for a new year, which hopefully will be significantly better, but also challenging with the upcoming events,” Strack-Zimmermann


She expresses heartfelt gratitude to all who supported her in the past year, who critically and objectively accompanied her work, who openly and honestly expressed their opinions, without abandoning democratic discourse.

Gift Tips from Karl Lauterbach

The Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, shares a photo of a sunset. In his Christmas greeting to his approximately 1.1 million X followers, he writes: “I wish all people in Germany a Merry Christmas!”

However, the SPD politician has another message: “Many experience the holiday alone and with worries, my thoughts are particularly with you.”

And the professor also has a few “gift tips for everyone” in store: a “Covid test to protect friends and family, an SMS or a call to lonely people,” writes Lauterbach.

Cem Özdemir Posts Retro Photo

Cem Özdemir, Federal Minister of Agriculture and Nutrition, reminisces and shares an old Christmas photo on X. The Green Party politician wishes “all those celebrating Christmas a merry festival & peaceful days with loved ones.”


He calls on everyone to think of those who cannot do so because they live in war zones or have to flee. “And: thank you to those who work today to enable us to celebrate Christmas,” adds Özdemir.

Boris Pistorius Thanks the Troops

The currently most popular politician in the country, Boris Pistorius, also stays true to his role as Minister of Defense in his Christmas greeting. In a black suit, white shirt, and tie, the SPD minister stands in front of a festive building and thanks all members of the Bundeswehr for the milestones achieved in his Christmas message on the X account of the Ministry of Defense.

“Let’s use the time around Christmas to look back and yes, be proud of what we have achieved,” says Pistorius. “It is mainly thanks to your personal commitment and dedication that we have already achieved the first interim goals, such as on the way to stationing a brigade in Lithuania.”


Abgesehen von der Formation der Brigade, betonte Pistorius die Trainingsmission EUMAM als Teil des Support-Pakets für die Ukraine im Kampf gegen den Eindringling Russland und die Evakuierung von “unseren Staatsbürgern” aus dem Sudan.

Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz äußert, was an Weihnachten von Bedeutung ist

Und was sagt der Kanzler? Olaf Scholz erklärt, worum es an Weihnachten geht: “Frieden, Versöhnung, Hoffnung, Freude und Dankbarkeit zu teilen, darum dreht sich Weihnachten”, so der SPD-Politiker.


“Ich möchte allen ein erfreuliches Fest wünschen und mich besonders bei denen bedanken, die auch während der Feiertage im Einsatz sind und dafür auf Zeit mit ihren Liebsten verzichten müssen.”




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