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Amid the looming war threat: Sweden mobilizes its citizens

Key Swedish officials, such as Micael Bydén, supreme commander of the Swedish armed forces, and the minister for civil defense, Carl-Oscar Bohlin, are making it clear that the country is under serious threat and citizens need to contribute to strengthening national defense. This is reported by ” RBC Ukraine“.

Current situation deemed very serious

The current situation is considered very serious. Minister Bohlin in particular criticizes the slow progress of modernizing civil defense. “Sweden could be facing a war, and all Swedes must act to strengthen the defense of the country,” he emphasized.

The words of the supreme commander of the Swedish armed forces reflect this sentiment. “Now it’s about moving from words and understanding to action,” says Bydén. He mentions that much has been done in recent years to enhance Sweden’s security through significant investments in defense.

NATO full membership crucial

However, Sweden is still facing the prospect of NATO membership, and Bydén believes that it would be better for the country to become a full member of the alliance as soon as possible. “We must recognize how serious this situation is. Look at the news from Ukraine and ask simple questions: Am I prepared if this happens here? What should I do? The more people think, reflect, and prepare, the stronger our society is,” he emphasizes.

In a recent statement, as reported by RBC Ukraine, Tobias Billström, the Swedish foreign minister, said that Russia remains a serious threat to the security of Sweden and Europe. He emphasized that Sweden’s military and political support for Ukraine will continue and welcomed the EU’s decision to admit Ukraine as a member.



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