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Killed: Former Ukrainian Representative Murdered, Suspicions Point to Intelligence Agency

Illia Kyva, a former representative from Ukraine, was murdered in Russia as reported by “The Telegraph.” The source refers to information from law enforcement agencies leaked to BBC Ukraine. Kyva’s death is attributed to the Ukrainian Security Service SBU.

As per “The Telegraph,” Kyva was shot and killed in the village of Suponevo, located west of Moscow. His body was discovered only yesterday. According to Russian investigators, the former representative was sentenced to a 14-year prison term for treason earlier this year. Kyva had publicly advocated for Russia to occupy Ukraine. He fled to Russia one month before the Russian invasion in February 2022 and was sentenced in absentia.

Military Intelligence Confirms: Former Presidential Candidate Kyva Dead

The 46-year-old politician had unsuccessfully run for the presidency in Ukraine in 2019. According to Andriy Jussow, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian military intelligence, who spoke to Ukrainian television, it can be confirmed that Kyva is no longer alive. Jussow warned that “this fate awaits other traitors of Ukraine and puppets of Putin’s regime,” as quoted by “The Telegraph.”

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