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Colorado Faces Migration Crisis: Governor Criticized for Singing “Feliz Navidad” Due to “Cultural Appropriation”

In less than 24 hours, 340 individuals from South America have arrived in Denver, exacerbating the migrant crisis in the city while Governor Jared Polis performs “Feliz Navidad” and faces criticism for “cultural appropriation.”

Jared Polis, the 48-year-old Governor of Colorado, sparked intense criticism for his rendition of the Christmas classic “Feliz Navidad.” According to the New York Post, he shared a video of his a cappella interpretation of the 1970 hit on his official Spanish-language social media account. Some viewers labeled the clip as embarrassing and denounced the Governor for his “cultural appropriation.”


340 Migrants in Less Than 24 Hours

Polis’ performance comes at a time when the state of Colorado, particularly Denver, is grappling with a growing immigration crisis. According to the “New York Post,” at least 340 migrants were dropped off in Denver in less than 24 hours. The arrivals primarily originated from Venezuela, Colombia, and Guatemala. The increasing number of migrants in Denver is straining the city’s resources.

“Straining Our Already Overburdened System”

“We could run out of resources. We are already in a tight spot. It is straining an already overburdened system,” stated Jon Ewing, a spokesperson for “Denver Human Services,” to the “New York Post.”

Hence, the criticism of Polis extends beyond his performance. Some commentators accused the Governor of trying to curry favor with the Latino community with his video. “It’s cultural appropriation to seek approval in this manner,” wrote one user.



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