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Conflict escalates: Texas deporting migrants by airplane to Chicago

Texas has reached a new level of escalation in its migration policy: Over 120 migrants were transported by airplane from the southern border to Chicago for the first time. This action follows the controversial bus system of Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Since last year, over 80,000 migrants have been transported to cities governed by Democrats, as reported by ” AP “.

The decision for the flight came after the city council of Chicago took measures against the arrival of migrant buses, leading to sharp criticism from Mayor Brandon Johnson. Bus operators responded by beginning to transport migrants to neighboring cities in order to evade penalties.

Texas defends controversial migration policy

Andrew Mahaleris, spokesperson for Governor Abbott, defended the measure: “Texas will continue to take historic steps to address the crisis as long as President Biden does not secure the border.” The White House condemned the flight and accused Abbott of instrumentalizing migrants for political purposes. Angelo Fernández Hernández, a White House spokesperson, criticized Abbott for lacking respect for the affected people.

The extensive operation also includes the use of barbed wire at the border, the installation of buoy barriers in the Rio Grande, and the deployment of additional police forces. However, a federal appeals court has ordered the temporary suspension of cutting the barbed wire while legal challenges are being heard.

The conditions and medical care for asylum seekers in Chicago are cause for concern, especially following the death of a five-year-old boy in a temporary migrant shelter.



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