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Conflict in the Middle East: Hamburg Court lifts ban on spontaneous pro-Hamas demonstrations

Hamburg Court lifts ban on spontaneous pro-Hamas demonstrations

15.51 o’clock: The Hamburg Administrative Court has lifted the ban on spontaneous demonstrations in support of Hamas or its attacks on Israel. The police as the assembly authority accepts the court’s decision and announced that the general order will not be further applied with immediate effect, a police spokesman said on Friday.

Israel’s army continues bombardment in the Gaza Strip

Friday, December 8, 08.53 am: The Israeli army has continued its bombing of targets in the Gaza Strip. About 450 targets on the ground, from the air, and from the sea were attacked during the past day, the army announced on Friday morning. The troops continue to locate and destroy tunnel shafts, weapons, and other infrastructure of terrorists. Precision ammunition also targeted maritime and intelligence capabilities of the Islamic Hamas from the sea during the night.

In the southern city of Khan Yunis, considered a stronghold of Hamas under its leader Jihia al-Sinwar, its terrorists were targeted from the air with precision strikes, it was reported. The air force’s targeted strikes lasted for two hours.

It is only “a matter of time” until Sinwar is found, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday evening after the army surrounded Sinwar’s house. Experts speculate that Sinwar and his leadership are holed up in a widely branched tunnel network under Gaza. Many of the remaining 138 hostages are also believed to be there.

Sinwar, along with Mohammed Deif, commander of the armed wing of the terrorist organization Hamas, is considered the planner of the unprecedented massacre in Israel on October 7, resulting in about 1200 Israelis killed and about 240 people abducted to the Gaza Strip. Israel’s army is now trying to track down both men.

Nearly 70 trucks with relief supplies arrived in the Gaza Strip

21.24 o’clock: According to aid workers, new relief shipments for the suffering population arrived in the Gaza Strip on Thursday. 69 trucks carrying relief supplies entered the sealed coastal area via the Rafah crossing, the Palestinian Red Crescent announced. The trucks were loaded with vital supplies.

Before the conflict, about 500 trucks of humanitarian goods entered the area daily. Since the Islamist Hamas violently seized control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, Israel has tightened its blockade of the coastal area, which Egypt supports. After the massacre by Hamas terrorists in Israel on October 7, the area was completely sealed off.

Outraged civilians in the Gaza Strip had looted UN aid shipments on Wednesday, accusing the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) of not adequately assisting those in need. The aid agency described it as a “worrying sign that civil order is breaking down”. Many people are desperate. Allegations that UNRWA hoards relief goods are “false, dishonest, and unhelpful”.

Eyewitnesses had previously reported that members of the Islamist Hamas had stolen aid shipments from trucks and taken them in their cars, sometimes with the use of force.

The UN has lamented that less aid is reaching the southern part of the Gaza Strip due to the intense fighting.

According to UNRWA, there are now nearly 1.9 million internally displaced people in the coastal enclave.- with more than 2.2 million inhabitants in total. The organization warns that due to the critical situation, they are no longer able to keep up with the residents’ supply.

“Matter of time until we find him”: Israeli army surrounds house of Hamas chief

07:56 AM: According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s army has surrounded the house of the leader of the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Jihia al-Sinwar may be able to escape, stated Netanyahu on Wednesday evening, according to his office, “but it’s only a matter of time until we find him.” According to reports, Sinwar’s house is located in Khan Yunis. Recently, Israel’s army has also expanded its attacks in the Gaza Strip to the largest city in the south of the sealed off coastal strip. It is considered a stronghold of Hamas.

Experts suspect that the leadership as well as thousands of members of Hamas could be holed up in the extensive tunnel network beneath the Gaza Strip. Sinwar is not above ground, but underground, also stated Israel’s army spokesperson Daniel Hagari on Wednesday evening. He did not want to provide further details on this. It is the military’s task to kill Sinwar.

In 1988, Sinwar was convicted by Israel for the murder of four alleged collaborators and two Israeli soldiers. He spent more than two decades in Israeli prison. In 2011, Sinwar was released as one of more than 1000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who was abducted into the Gaza Strip. He then became the Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip in 2017.

Since the massacre by Hamas and other groups in the Israeli border area, in which around 1200 people were killed on October 7, Sinwar has been at the top of Israel’s hit list.

Israel allows more fuel to be imported into the Gaza Strip

Thursday, December 07, 00:05 AM: Israel allows the import of more fuel into the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The security cabinet agreed on Wednesday evening to a corresponding recommendation from the war cabinet, as announced by the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. An increase in the allowed minimum amount is necessary “to prevent a humanitarian collapse and the outbreak of epidemics,” it further stated. It was initially unclear by how much the amount of fuel that can be brought into the Gaza Strip daily will be increased.

UN Secretary-General warns of collapse of public order in the Gaza Strip

11:21 PM: UN Secretary-General António Guterres has warned the UN Security Council in a letter of a collapse of public order in the Gaza Strip. He expects that “due to the desperate situation, public order will soon completely collapse, making even limited humanitarian aid impossible,” stated Guterres in the letter. The humanitarian conditions in the midst of the war between Israel and Hamas could quickly deteriorate into a catastrophe with potentially irreversible consequences for the Palestinians as a whole.

In his letter, Guterres referred to Article 99 of the UN Charter. It states that “the Secretary-General may bring to the attention of the Security Council any matter which in his opinion may threaten the maintenance of international peace and security.” The rotating Presidency of the UN Security Council is currently held by Ecuador.

Söder to visit Israel next week

04:12 PM: Next week, Bavarian Minister-President Markus Söder plans to visit Israel. “To make a clear commitment to Israel and Jewish life, my first trip as Minister-President will be to Israel next week.”erklärte der Leiter der CSU in seiner ersten Regierungserklärung in der Landtag während der neuen Legislaturperiode am Dienstag: „Die Maßnahmen werden eingeleitet“. Weitere Einzelheiten wurden zuerst nicht genannt. Vor seinem Amtsantritt als Ministerpräsident 2018 war Söder bereits mehrmals in Israel gewesen.

Thunberg beschuldigt Israel des Völkermords und bezeichnet es weder als Selbstverteidigung noch als verhältnismäßig

12.30 Uhr: Die Klimaaktivistin Greta Thunberg und weitere Mitglieder des schwedischen Ablegers der Klimaschutzgruppe Fridays for Future haben behauptet, Israel habe im Gazastreifen Völkermord begangen. Sie betonten, dass die islamistische Hamas, die in Gaza herrscht, durch „einen schrecklichen Angriff israelische Zivilisten ermordet“ habe. Dies könne die „anhaltenden Kriegsverbrechen Israels“ nicht rechtfertigen, schrieben Thunberg und fünf weitere Unterzeichner in einem Meinungsbeitrag, der am Dienstag in den Zeitungen „Aftonbladet“ (Schweden) und „Guardian“ (Großbritannien) veröffentlicht wurde. Sie argumentierten, dass es weder Selbstverteidigung noch Verhältnismäßigkeit sei, Völkermord zu begehen.

Thunberg und ihre Mitverfasser betonten, dass sie im Namen von Fridays for Future in Schweden sprächen. Die Organisation habe sich immer zu Wort gemeldet, wenn Menschen leiden müssten oder getötet würden, egal ob in Kurdistan oder in der Ukraine und werde auch jetzt nicht schweigen. Sie zitierten den israelischen Historiker Ras Segal, der das Vorgehen Israels in Gaza schon wenige Tage nach Beginn des Konflikts als “Völkermord aus dem Lehrbuch“ bezeichnet hatte.

Die Gruppe verurteilte außerdem antisemitische und islamfeindliche Vorfälle in Schweden. “Jeder, der sich an dieser Debatte beteiligt, hat die Verantwortung, zwischen Hamas, Muslimen und Palästinensern zu unterscheiden, genauso wie der israelische Staat vom jüdischen Volk und den Israelis unterschieden werden sollte“, schrieben sie.

Israelische Offiziere: Für jeden getöteten Hamas-Terroristen sterben zwei Zivilisten

07.03 Uhr: Zwei hochrangige israelische Offiziere sprachen in einem Gespräch mit Journalisten über das „ungünstige“ Verhältnis von getöteten Hamas-Terroristen zu getöteten Zivilisten. Laut einem Bericht von „Ntv“ sagten die Offiziere, dass für jeden getöteten Terroristen zwei Zivilisten sterben. Die Hauptschuld dafür gaben sie allerdings den Hamas, die Zivilisten als menschlichen Schutzschild nutzen. Das sei Teil der „grundlegenden Strategie“.

Die Offiziere behaupteten, bereits „mehr oder weniger exakt“ 5000 Hamas-Terroristen getötet zu haben. Bei einem Verhältnis von eins zu zwei würde das bedeuten, dass rund 10.000 Zivilisten bei der Offensive im Gaza-Streifen gestorben sind.


Alle Entwicklungen zum Angriffskrieg in Israel lesen Sie auf den nächsten Seiten.



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