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Is Washington abandoning Ukraine?: Biden proposes compromise to Republicans

President of the United States Joe Biden has urged Congress to approve a financial aid package of several billion dollars for military and economic support for Ukraine. This was reported by the US news agency “AP”. Biden cautioned about dire consequences if the legislature does not act. Despite resistance from Republican senators who have blocked the implementation of the aid package, Biden made it clear that he would be willing to make significant compromises in border policy to get the package through Congress.

Failure of the aid package strengthens Putin

Regarding the implications of the aid package’s failure, Biden said, “They are ready to literally muzzle Ukraine on the battlefield, thereby damaging our national security.” In his opinion, a failure of Congress to pass a $110 billion war aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and other national security priorities would mean handing a “gift” to Russia’s President Wladimir Putin.

According to AP, Biden’s willingness to compromise on border policy was welcomed by Senator James Lankford, who leads the border policy discussions in the Senate. He expressed that it seemed the President was “willing to sit down and talk”.

Broken border system

Regarding the upcoming negotiations on border policy, Biden said, “We need to fix the broken border system. It’s broken.” He emphasized that he was “ready to change the policies as well”. He accused the Republicans of wanting a political problem rather than a bipartisan compromise.

As reported by AP, time is of the essence as Congress will only have a few days left in Washington before the year ends. The White House has already raised the alarm and warned that the Ukrainian army could come to a standstill or even be overrun if the funds are not approved soon.

Biden warns of Putin victory – American troops could fight against Russia 



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