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Latest Insa Sunday Poll: Majority insists on Scholz’s confidence motion – Union tied with Traffic Light

According to a recent survey by the opinion research institute Insa for “Bild am Sonntag”, the Traffic Light Coalition is losing support from the public. As per the current Sunday trend, the Union is as strong as the combined three parties SPD, Greens and FPD: 32 percent. This is 20 percentage points less than during the federal election.

Union as strong as Traffic Light parties combined in survey

  • Union: 32 percent (+2 percent)
  • AfD: 23 percent (+1 percent)
  • SPD: 15 percent (-1 percentage point)
  • Greens: 12 percent (unchanged)
  • FPD: 5 percent (-1 percent)
  • Left: 4 percent (unchanged)
  • Others: 9 percent (-1 percent), of which 2 percent for Free Voters

Majority believes Scholz should pose confidence motion

According to the Insa survey, 68 percent of respondents believe that the government is cutting corners in the wrong places. 53 percent are convinced that Chancellor Olaf Scholz should pose the confidence motion in the Bundestag.

If the chancellor were to be elected directly, CDU leader Friedrich Merz, according to the current survey, would have better chances than Scholz for the first time. 18 percent (+2 percent compared to June) would directly vote for Merz as chancellor. Scholz would receive 17 percent (-8 percent).

However, according to the Insa survey, only 37 percent of Union voters would vote for Merz. According to Insa chief Hermann Binkert, Markus Söder and Hendrik Wüst are still significantly ahead of Merz in the politician ranking. The respondents know that there are still other potential chancellor candidates from the Union in discussions, said Binkert.

The opinion research institute Insa surveyed 1202 people for “Bild am Sonntag” from December 11 to 15, 2023.



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