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„No need for frustration“: Thousands taken in by Olaf Scholz’s satirical New Year’s address

A satire video, initially not appropriately labeled, has confused and angered thousands of users. In the AI-generated video, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz appears to be delivering his New Year’s address.

Dear fellow citizens, abroad,” says Scholz. “I actually wanted to read you inspiring words from a teleprompter, but […] the responsible speechwriters are all unfortunately sick.”

Since “colleague Habeck” is known to “only write for children aged four to eleven,” this time he unfortunately has to speak “one hundred percent authentic and from the heart.”


Scholz: “I also forget some things”

After the AI-manipulated Scholz has prepared the citizens for a happy Easter, he quickly admits that many things currently seem “confusing” to him.

“I also forget some things,” says Scholz. But no one should worry about uncertainty, because “it will get much, much worse next year.” He promises that to his citizens.

Scholz urges for a calm New Year’s Eve

Finally, Scholz speaks openly to the “party scene in Berlin.” He prays that New Year’s Eve is celebrated a bit quieter. “I know you want to release frustration and so on,” says Scholz. “But if we are honest, there is currently really no reason for any frustration.”

Hopefully the fellow citizens had still managed to “score a salmon for 12 euros for 100 grams at Rewe” and are now looking forward to the conclusion of a thoroughly successful year.



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