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Revamping the Military: Military Specialist Amazed by Bundeswehr: “We Britons Can Only Envy”

In the United Kingdom, the Bundeswehr’s efforts have sparked great interest and admiration – at least according to Nicholas Drummond, a renowned British analyst and defense industry consultant. In a post on the social network “X” (formerly Twitter), he spoke approvingly of the ambitious plans of the Bundeswehr. Drummond remarked: “We Britons can only envy the modernization plans of the Bundeswehr. This is what a credible army looks like. Heavy, medium, light, airborne, and special forces, all properly equipped.”

Discussion on Ongoing Bundeswehr Armament Projects

The discussion on “X” began when military blogger Clemens Speer initiated a thread about the ongoing armament project of the Bundeswehr. According to Speer, 104 Leopard 2A7Vs have already been delivered, and a further 101 Leopard 2A6 and A6M are set to be modernized to the A7V standard by 2025. These details prompted an interesting comment from Nicholas Drummond, a former infantry officer of the British Army and a specialist in land warfare.

The focus on a wide range of units, including airborne and special forces, underscores the versatile operational capability of the Bundeswehr. Drummond’s comment gives the impression that, at least from his perspective, the German modernization plans could be a source of learning for Great Britain. It seems that the image of the Bundeswehr abroad is not as negative as it may appear.



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