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Triumph in Cherson: Ukrainian Forces Push Russia Back Eight Kilometers, Reports ISW

In the Oblast Cherson on the eastern side of the Dnipro River, the Ukrainian forces are conducting more extensive operations than in the past, according to the Institute for the Study of War “ISW.” Natalia Humenyuk, spokesperson for the Southern Operations Command, announces that the Ukrainian troops are successfully pushing back the Russian forces and establishing a buffer zone of three to eight kilometers. The ISW points out that this area is larger than any previous open-source evidence has shown.

Ukrainian Advancements in Cherson

Near the communities of Poima and Peschanivka, Ukraine is making further advances. It is reported that they are seeking to offset Russian losses in the region. In the western Zaporizhzhia Oblast, the Ukrainian forces continue their offensives and make progress, despite contrary claims by Russian military bloggers. The ISW notes that it cannot independently confirm these claims by Russian military bloggers.

Persistent Fighting in Eastern Ukraine

The situation in the Russian-occupied territories in eastern Ukraine remains tense. The Ukrainian forces continue their counteroffensives against Russia’s illegal invasion, with advancements usually amounting to just a few kilometers. The ISW emphasizes that despite Russia’s fortifications on the front lines, the Ukrainian forces are proving their operational capability and have liberated about half of the territories occupied by Russia.



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