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Ukraine escalates assaults: Oil facilities targeted in Putin’s hometown

According to a report from the “Daily Express,” Wladimir Putin is reportedly rapidly losing military control over the conflict in Ukraine. The newspaper reports that Ukraine has carried out devastating assaults on Russian territory. According to the report, Ukrainian drones have targeted an oil refinery in Putin’s hometown of St. Petersburg.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, a drone even flew over the Valdai Palace south of St. Petersburg, one of the main residences of the Russian leader outside Moscow. The international airport in Moscow, Vnukovo Airport, was suddenly closed and all flights were canceled due to panic over a drone attack.

Ukraine’s drone attacks disrupt daily life

The airport closure and the increasing frequency of Ukraine’s drone attacks are likely to raise concerns in the Kremlin that the conflict is disrupting the lives of ordinary Russians. This sharply contradicts the statements made by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who claimed that the conflict in Ukraine had a “positive impact on life” in Russia.

During an extensive press conference, Lavrov stated that the extensive military intervention against Ukraine has “cleansed” Russian society. “The special military operation has united our society like never before and helped to cleanse people who do not feel part of Russian history and culture,” he said, according to the British newspaper.

Selenskyj aims to increase pressure on Putin

According to the Daily Express, tens of thousands of Russians have left the country in protest against the conflict, while thousands more have fled following a military mobilization. The recent drone attack by Ukraine is part of a “new phase” of assaults, according to Ukrainian military sources. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj had previously vowed to target more locations in Russia this year to increase pressure on Putin.



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