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„Unwinnable war“: Ukraine must cede “certain territories”, demands CDU politician Kretschmer

Michael Kretschmer demands not only the provision of weapons to Ukraine but also negotiations with Russia. He suggests that for a ceasefire, Kiev would likely need to relinquish territories.

The Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, recommends that the Ukrainian government consider a temporary territorial concession for a ceasefire in the war against the Russian invading forces. “It may be that Ukraine, in a ceasefire, must first accept that certain territories are temporarily inaccessible for Ukraine,” says the CDU member.

“Not a single square meter of Ukrainian territory has become Russian,” emphasizes Kretschmer. “But as in other major conflicts, it will take time here for a final solution.”

The CDU politician once again calls on the German government to not only deliver weapons to Ukraine but also take diplomatic initiatives. Allies are necessary to “influence Russian President Vladimir Putin and make a ceasefire possible”.

“Unfortunately, the German government holds the basic attitude: We do not want negotiations, only weapons deliveries,” the Prime Minister tells the Funke-Zeitungen. “The Americans are more advanced in this regard. They realize that the war cannot be won in this way.

A policy reversal is necessary in Russia’s politics. “Russia is our neighbor. A dangerous, unpredictable neighbor,” says Kretschmer.

“The idea of weakening Russia militarily, politically, and economically to the extent that it can no longer pose a threat to us is an attitude that comes from the 19th century. It lays the foundation for further conflicts.”

Kretschmer has repeatedly drawn criticism with his statements on the Ukraine war. In November, the CDU politician advocated for “freezing” the conflict.



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