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War in the Middle East: Israeli Army: Third Group of Hamas Hostages Released to the Red Cross

Army: Another Group of Hamas Hostages Released to the Red Cross

16.48 hours: During the ceasefire in the Gaza War, the Islamist Hamas, according to Israeli army, handed over another group of hostages to the Red Cross. 14 Israelis and three foreigners were handed over to the ICRC workers on Sunday, the Israeli army said.

The military wing of the Islamist Hamas wrote on Telegram that 13 Israelis, three Thais, and a Russian citizen had been released. According to Israeli television, the Israelis included nine children and four women.

Egypt: Release of 13 Israelis and 39 Palestinians on Sunday

15.19 hours: As part of the agreement between Israel and the Islamist Hamas, Egypt announced that another 13 Israeli hostages and 39 Palestinian prisoners would be released on Sunday. The Egyptian authorities received a list of the 13 Israelis and the 39 Palestinians, said Diaa Raschwan, head of the State Information Service (SIS). Raschwan did not say whether non-Israeli hostages would also be released from the Hamas violence independently of the agreement as before.

The exchange expected for Sunday evening would be the third group of hostages to be released.

US Government Hopes for the Release of the First Hostage with a US Passport

15.09 hours: The US government believes that for the first time, an American citizen may be among the hostages to be released by the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip on Sunday. “We have reason to believe that there will be a release today,” said Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor to US President Joe Biden.

Sullivan said that the hostage deal includes the release of women and children. According to him, there are three hostages with US passports who fall into this category – two women and a young child. The child is a four-year-old girl who lost both parents in the terrorist attack by the Islamist Hamas on Israel on October 7th.

Gaza Strip: Hamas reports the death of four leaders

12.05 hours: The armed wing of the radical Islamist Hamas confirmed the death of four leaders during the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip. The al-Qassam Brigades confirmed on Sunday the death of Ahmed Al-Gandur, a military leader in the northern Gaza Strip, as well as three other senior fighters. According to Israeli media, among the dead was also Ayman Sijjam, leader of the rocket unit of the

61 Trucks of Aid Arrive in the Northern Gaza Strip

11.53 hours: According to UN reports, 61 trucks of aid have also arrived in the heavily contested northern part of the coastal strip as part of the transport of aid to Gaza. It is the largest delivery of its kind since the beginning of the war between the Islamist Hamas and Israel in the northern Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Red Crescent successfully brought the trucks there on Saturday evening, the aid organization announced. At four distribution points in the north, people are to receive water, medicine, and medical equipment, among other things.

A total of 187 trucks of aid had arrived in the Gaza Strip by Saturday evening, OCHA, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said on Sunday night. The entry of 200 trucks had initially been planned for Saturday. However, the entry was delayed because the goods were carefully inspected beforehand.teilweise. Am Samstag seien auch 129,000 Liters of Diesel and four tanks with Gas zum Kochen delivered to Gaza, OCHA shared.

Emily (9) von Hamas released: „She has returned to us“

10:23 AM: After 50 days of captivity in the Gazastrip, a nine-year-old Irish girl initially presumed to be dead has been released by the terrorist organization Hamas. “Emily has returned to us!”, her family wrote in a statement from the headquarters of the Hostage and Missing Persons Forum on late Saturday evening. “We cannot find words to describe our feelings after 50 difficult and complicated days. We are overjoyed to be able to hold Emily in our arms again.” During her captivity, Emily Hand turned nine, which was celebrated at a party in Dublin a week and a half ago.

After the Hamas’ terrorist attack on October 7, the girl was initially presumed to be dead. Her father, Thomas Hand, from Ireland, expressed his relief in an emotional TV interview, saying that it would have been even worse than death if she had fallen into the hands of Hamas. Later it was said that she may have been abducted to Gaza as a hostage. Last week, Thomas Hand made an emotional appeal for the release of his daughter, saying that the family was experiencing a nightmare.

Israel receives list: More hostages to be released

05:18 AM: Israel has received a list with the names of additional hostages who are supposed to be released on Sunday. The office of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced this early in the morning. Security officials would be reviewing the list. The information was conveyed to the families of the hostages on the orders of Brigadier General Gal Hirsch, who is responsible for hostages and missing persons. It was not disclosed how many hostages could be released on Sunday. The Islamist Hamas had released a second group of a total of 17 hostages from the Gazastrip the previous day, including four German dual citizens.

Vehicle of UN Mission in Lebanon shot at from Israel

03:20 AM: A vehicle from the UN mission Unifil in Lebanon was shot at from Israel on Saturday. Unifil reported that a patrol of the UN mission near the southern Lebanese village of Aitarun was hit by gunfire from the Israeli army. There were no UN peacekeepers injured in the incident, but the vehicle was damaged.

Since the brutal attack by the radical Palestinian organization Hamas on Israel on October 7, tensions in the Israeli-Lebanese border area have also significantly increased. Mutual attacks occur repeatedly. There is great concern that the Hezbollah militia supported by Iran could open a second front from southern Lebanon to support the allied Hamas – and that the war between Israel and Hamas could expand to Lebanon.

Ministry: Israeli soldiers kill six Palestinians in the West Bank

01:20 AM: According to Palestinian reports, Israeli soldiers killed six Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on Saturday. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that a 25-year-old doctor was killed outside his house in Kabatija near Dschenin in the north of the Palestinian territories. Dschenin is considered a stronghold of armed Palestinian groups. Another Palestinian was reportedly killed in al-Bireh near Ramallah.

Four other Palestinians were shot in an operation by the Israeli army in Dschenin, according to the reports. According to eyewitnesses,The Israeli soldiers entered Dschenin with armored vehicles and surrounded two hospitals in the city. Therefore, soldiers also searched ambulances. This led to severe armed conflicts.

Baerbock: Four Germans among the released hostages again

Sunday, 26 November, 00.11 AM: Among the hostages released by the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, four German dual citizens were involved. This was announced by Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in the night to Sunday on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter.

After Hamas Delay and Israel Threat: Second Group of Hostages Finally Released

10.22 PM: The Islamist Hamas has handed over a group of hostages in the Gaza Strip to employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Both the terrorist organization and the Israeli military announced this on Saturday. According to Hamas, 13 Israelis and seven foreign nationals were handed over. Confirmation from the Red Cross was still pending.

Just a few hours before the release of the hostages, Hamas unexpectedly stopped a last-minute handover. The terrorist organization cited that, from their point of view, Israel had violated a part of the hostage deal. After the intervention of Qatar in the late evening, Hamas relented.

In return, 39 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails were supposed to be released in the evening. According to Hamas, this includes six women and 33 male youths under 19 years old.

Israel Sets Ultimatum for Hamas

6:55 PM: According to media reports, Israel has threatened to end the ceasefire at midnight (local time) if the Islamist Hamas does not release the second group of hostages as planned.

“Hamas is aware that the Israeli military will continue the ground offensive in the Gaza Strip if the hostages are not released by midnight,” said an Israeli security official to the news site “ynet” on Saturday, accusing Hamas of having played “the same game” the day before. According to the official, the travel route and transport of the hostages were changed at short notice. Moreover, more than 61 of the 200 planned aid transports supposedly reached the northern Gaza Strip, contrary to what Hamas claimed.

Several other Israeli media also reported, citing security sources, on the ultimatum until midnight, but an official confirmation was still pending.

Hamas: Delay in Hostage Release – Accusations Against Israel

5:39 PM: According to the terrorist organization Hamas, the handover of a second group of hostages in the Gaza Strip will be delayed. Hamas justified their actions by stating that Israel had violated a part of the agreement. They accused Israel of not allowing aid deliveries to the northern part of the Gaza Strip as agreed.

It was currently unclear whether this was actually part of the agreement mediated by Qatar. Initially, it was always mentioned in Israel that aid deliveries were to be allowed to the south. Additionally, the military wing of Hamas stated that Israel did not “adhere to the agreed standards” in the release of prisoners.

There had been several reports that the handover process of the hostages had already started. There were reports of 13 or 14 Israelis. According to the reports, the hostages were supposed to have already been handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). It was initially unclear how long the delay would last. There was no confirmation from the Israeli side at first.

For all the developments regarding the war in Israel, read on the next pages.



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