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A possible cause of the explosion: Illegal facility leads to gas blast in East African capital, resulting in multiple fatalities

A grave tragedy unfolded in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Local authorities reported a gas explosion in the residential area of Mradi during the night of Thursday to Friday. At least three individuals lost their lives in the incident, with another 298 sustaining injuries, as per a report by “ABC News”.

The explosion occurred while residents were asleep. The ensuing fire engulfed both residential buildings and warehouses and has been contained and secured, according to the police.

Emergency response teams and Red Cross provide immediate aid

The injured have been transported to various hospitals across the city, as announced by the Kenya Police Service. Dozens of others received on-site medical care from the Emergency Plus Medical Services, a private emergency medical service provider.

Deputy Inspector General of the Kenya Police Service, Douglas Kanja, visited the site of the disaster on Friday morning. A team comprising various emergency response units has commenced work at the accident scene, as stated by the police.

Search for buried individuals continues

The Kenyan Red Cross stated that their personnel are currently offering initial medical care and psychological support to the affected individuals at the incident site.

In addition, the organization has set up a reunification center to aid in the search for buried individuals. So far, 21 children who were separated from their parents due to the explosion have been reunited with their families.

Explosion occurred in unauthorized gas facility

The background of the incident is currently under investigation. Authorities have indicated that the explosion occurred at an illegal liquefied gas facility. The Kenya Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) confirmed that the application to construct a liquefied gas storage and filling facility at the said location was rejected in the year 2023.

The primary reason for the rejection was the applicant’s failure to adhere to the safety distances specified in Kenyan regulations. Further details regarding the incident and the ongoing investigations are yet to be disclosed.



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