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Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Criticized Wirtschaftsminister: “Too Little”: Aiwanger Criticized for Visiting Demonstrations

There is discontent within Bavarian politics regarding the Minister of Economic Affairs, Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters). As reported by BR, the politician is being accused of focusing too much on public demonstrations and neglecting his duties as a minister. Representatives of the economy and workers are expressing increasing concern and demanding that Aiwanger should focus more on his economic responsibilities.

Hubert Aiwanger Traveling Across the Country Instead of Being in the Ministry

According to BR, some members of the Free Voters are quietly mocking the party leader, as they can hardly keep track of the number of his demonstration appearances. Aiwanger, who is also the Bavarian Deputy Minister-President, has been present at various protest events in recent weeks, from farmers’ and truck drivers’ demonstrations to anti-traffic light demonstrations.

In addition to CSU top politicians, representatives of the economy and workers have expressed their concerns. Bernhard Stiedl, Bavaria’s DGB head, told BR: “I would like the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs to pay more attention to the Bavarian economy.”

Similar criticism came from the Association of SMEs (BVMW), which accused Aiwanger of being too passive and mainly focusing on farmers and foresters, while neglecting other industries in Bavarian SMEs. They said they had “heard nothing from him about their issues for months.”

Associations Criticize Aiwanger’s Economic Policy

Angela Inselkammer, the president of the Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) in Bavaria, also expressed disappointment with Aiwanger’s decision to focus more on hunting than on gastronomy and tourism, according to BR.

The criticism of Aiwanger’s performance in office has not subsided in the CSU. Sebastian Brehm, the head of the SME Union Bavaria, harshly criticized the minister. “He simply does too little,” he told BR. Brehm also stated to BR that all major economic initiatives come from Minister-President Markus Söder (CSU), not from the responsible minister.

Criticism of Aiwanger by CSU Colleagues

Söder himself criticized, but not explicitly. He stated that ministers can attend demonstrations, but should focus on their main tasks. He followed up shortly afterwards, without mentioning Aiwanger by name: “One must find enough time for the rest, as one is primarily paid with taxpayers’ money for the main work.”

Despite the criticism, Aiwanger does not intend to change his strategy. He argued to BR that it was important to be “with the people” and to fulfill his role as Minister of Economic Affairs.

Finally, there have been allegations that Aiwanger’s party, the Free Voters, is not distancing itself enough from the right. So, the party’s stance on the demonstrations has created a stir. Aiwanger occasionally mentioned that the demonstrations were infiltrated by left-wing extremists.



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