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Each commit at least five offenses: Ten-member gang tyrannizes small town – 12-year-old is the main perpetrator

In February 2023, the city of Heide (Schleswig-Holstein) was in the national spotlight. A group of girls tormented and humiliated a 13-year-old girl. They filmed their actions. All of Germany could see. There was an outcry throughout the country. It became clear back then: the incident in Heide is not an isolated case.

Now Heide is in the spotlight once again. As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, a gang of youths continues to cause trouble there. There are repeated outbreaks of violence, it is said. Last Sunday, there was a brawl at the train station. Several youths were injured and robbed. According to “Bild,” two alleged perpetrators aged 16 and 18 are in pretrial detention.

Member of the gang posts picture with submachine gun

While the public prosecutor’s office is already conducting several investigation procedures against the 10-member youth gang, one of the members openly threatens further violence on the internet. “Bild” reports that a photo was posted on Instagram showing a submachine gun and several other automatic weapons. Next to it reads: “Just wait, I’ll take you all down.” In another picture, he poses with a knife.

Each commit at least five offenses: What is known about the group

According to NDR, the suspects from the attack at the train station are part of a group of young people who repeatedly stand out with criminal activities. The broadcaster quotes a police spokeswoman: “They are all between 12 and 18 years old.” One of the main perpetrators of two earlier offenses is said to be only 12 years old.

The police itself does not speak of a gang. However, it is said that each member of the group has committed at least five offenses in recent weeks. There have also been so-called threat presentations.

Victim of the thug gang: “Something has to happen at last”

One of the victims of the brawl at the train station told “Bild”: “Something has to happen at last. I’m scared.” He is supposed to change schools now. Several parents have apparently decided that their sons are not to attend school for the time being.

The police have registered the threatening messages and are now examining their criminal relevance.



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