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Attack by Hamas: Israeli Military Specialist Reveals Three Failures Leading to “Catastrophe”

During an interview with the “Spiegel”, military expert Kobi Michael details how Israel’s intelligence failed in the fight against Hamas. He explains that this terror attack had an unprecedented scale, which Israel has not experienced since its founding. Michael even compares the current situation to the 1973 Yom Kippur War, emphasizing that the recent conflict brought unique challenges as civilians were directly affected: “Civilians were massacred in their homes.”

According to Michael, Israel’s failure, which led to this “catastrophe,” lay on at least three levels. Firstly, at the conceptual level: Israel made the mistake of assuming that Hamas was interested in economic development and could be deterred. This miscalculation led to an underestimated threat. “We collaborated with Hamas, despite many indications that they were deceiving us,” Michael told the “Spiegel.”

Secondly, the intelligence services failed. Despite available information, the threat was incorrectly analyzed and weighted. Thirdly, the operational failure was severe. Israel’s surveillance and border facilities, which were considered world-leading, could not prevent the attack.

Kobi Michael on Hamas: “We are fighting a barbaric enemy”

When asked how Israel intends to “eliminate” Hamas, Michael explains that it is not about destroying every single rocket or every terrorist. Rather, the plan aims to paralyze Hamas’s military and political capabilities. He compares this approach to the denazification of Germany after World War II, a process that could take decades.

Michael emphasizes that Israel’s strategy is distinct from American efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. While the US tried to establish democratic systems, Israel solely focuses on military objectives. “We are fighting a barbaric enemy,” Michael told the “Spiegel.” He points out that after the elimination of Hamas, the Gaza Strip may experience a period of chaos before a new order can be established.



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