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British Decline: Spanish Writer Holds Brexit Responsible

Recently, the Spanish author Ana Carbajosa has released a new book. Her focus? The repercussions of Brexit on Great Britain. According to the news site “inews”, Carbajosa delves into how Brexit has exacerbated the existing issues in Britain. She writes about deep class disparities, depicts the marked division between the north and the south of the country, and highlights the resurgence of nationalism.

Voter apathy and ignorance

After relocating to London in 2020, Ana Carbajosa observed significant differences between the north and the south of England. A report by the news site “inews” sheds light on a noteworthy encounter Carbajosa had in a supermarket in northern England. There, she conversed with a woman who confessed to not having participated in elections for many years. It emerged that this woman didn’t even know who the current Prime Minister was. This interaction highlighted for Carbajosa the ignorance and political apathy prevalent in some parts of the country.

She sees Brexit as a magnifier amplifying the existing divisions in British society. In an interview with “inews”, she stated that class is a significant factor. Her observation is that elite schools like Eton and Winchester often have a direct connection to the political stage. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is a case in point, having attended Winchester, while his predecessor Boris Johnson studied at Eton. In her view, this elite education often leads to many people feeling unrepresented by politicians. This could contribute to the political apathy she observed in Britain.

Scotland and Northern Ireland striving for autonomy

In addition to the striking regional disparities in England, Carbajosa has also witnessed a resurgence of nationalism in two specific regions of the United Kingdom – Scotland and Northern Ireland. Historically, both countries have had a distinct national identity and experienced a revival of their national aspirations due to Brexit. It appears that many citizens in Scotland and Northern Ireland feel that their individual interests were neglected during the Brexit process, as stated in the report. Consequently, this has intensified the pursuit of greater national autonomy, in some cases even complete independence. These developments have undoubtedly heightened domestic tensions in the United Kingdom and pose an additional challenge in the post-Brexit era.

However, the book is not solely critical. Carbajosa, who has previously worked as a correspondent for the Spanish newspaper “El País” in Jerusalem and Berlin, also praises the British sense of community and diversity. She believes that despite its problems, the country stands as a good example of multiculturalism.



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