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Characters in an advanced virtual world: Physics academic suggests that we are all living in a simulated reality

Our daily routine could be a simulation – at least according to Melvin Vopson, Physics academic at the University of Portsmouth in England. As reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Vopson puts forward several indicators pointing towards a simulated reality and is planning an experiment to test this theory.

Vopson argues that the physical laws governing our universe resemble computer codes, while the elementary particles that make up matter could resemble pixels. Another indication, according to Vopson, is the limits on the speed at which light and sound can travel, which could indicate the speed of a computer processor.

Key indication for the Physics academic: symmetry in everyday life

One of the most convincing indicators, however, is the symmetry observed in everyday life, from butterflies and flowers to snowflakes and starfish. Symmetry is ubiquitous because it demonstrates how machines reproduce the digitally constructed world, Vopson told the “Daily Mail”.

How the scientist plans to prove his theory

To prove his theory, the physicist plans to collide elementary particles and “antiparticles” in a device. If the particles emit a specific light frequency spectrum upon their collision and annihilation, this could indicate that the particles contain information that seeks to escape.

If the particles contain information, according to Vopson, this would suggest that our reality is likely a computer program and we are living in a simulation. “Hello, Matrix!”



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