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Unexpected Success: Alice Weidel Appears in TikTok Video Contrary to AfD Image, Shows

Sporting trendy sunglasses, a middle-aged, blonde woman is seen dancing to loud music while sitting in the car. Seated beside her is a dark-haired woman, also wearing sunglasses, who is also dancing joyfully. This scene would be unremarkable if the blonde woman wasn’t AfD leader Alice Weidel and the dark-haired woman beside her wasn’t her homosexual life partner Sarah Bossard, who has a migrant background.

However, considering both these facts, a recording of this scene has now gone viral on the Chinese short-video platform TikTok.


Video Depicts Contrast Between Public and Private Alice Weidel

Recently, a television host pointed out to Weidel’s party colleague and co-chairman Tino Chrupalla that there is an incomprehensible contrast for many voters between the AfD’s anti-queer policies and Alice Weidel’s private lifestyle. Chrupalla himself chuckled, but remained visibly composed.

The new TikTok video now shows that the publicly patriotic AfD leader Weidel has little concern in using a Chinese platform, which has been under suspicion for years of sharing user data with the Chinese government.

Many observers also notice Weidel’s life partner is not a man and is a migrant born in Sri Lanka, raised in Switzerland. For example, “Bild” comments: “[Weidel] does not fit with herself […] Weidel presents herself as a German patriot in the German Bundestag but enjoys foreign influences.” Weidel lives “unpatriotically” in Switzerland and has been involved in a “party donation scandal” in the past.

TikTok Videos Reach a Different Audience

The true audience for TikTok videos, however, is more likely to be younger people than those who would need to study the detailed party platform of a political party. These youthful users are likely to first encounter Weidel as a dancing, open-minded, and humorous music lover before considering her as AfD leader Weidel.



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