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Inside Facebook-Post: Palmer Expresses Anger towards GdL Chief: “Can Only be Compared with Nero Strategy”

Due to the train driver strike, significant disruptions are expected in Berlin and Brandenburg from Wednesday onwards. The renewed strike by the German Train Drivers’ Union (GDL) will result in many limitations for passengers in the region.

There has been widespread criticism of the strike, including from the political sphere. One individual, in particular, is outspoken about his dissatisfaction with the situation: Mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer.

Palmer: GdL Strike “can only be compared with a Nero strategy”

On Facebook, he freely expresses his frustration: “Mr. Weselsky has only one goal: maximization of power. He insults 3000 employees of the railway as ‘submissive mice’ and a six-day strike for a completely absurd demand can only be compared with a Nero strategy. Let Rome burn as long as the union emperor has his way, everything is fine.”

Nero was a Roman emperor. During his reign, a widespread fire ravaged the city. Some historians suspect that Nero may have started the fire himself in order to rebuild the city according to his wishes. This was never proven.

“We have too few workers, and they are too expensive”

Palmer also uses the GDL strike as an opportunity for a comprehensive critique of the economic situation in Germany. “Germany is economically declining. We have too few workers, and they are too expensive.” In his Facebook-Post, Palmer further writes: “We are already the country with the lowest annual working hours worldwide. The fact that those employed by the state, at least the taxpayers, believe they can work three hours less with full salary compensation is simply unrealistic.”

The GDL needs “opposition”. Palmer argues: “There can be no understanding for this strike. Then they should strike for as long as they want.”

The Mayor of Tübingen would prefer the train drivers to become civil servants to solve the problem: “Then the 41-hour work week without the right to strike would apply again. For me, the best solution. A minority society should not have the power to cripple half the country.”

GDL plans to strike for six days

The GDL called for a strike at Deutsche Bahn again on Monday night. This is set to begin in freight transport on Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. and in passenger transport on Wednesday morning at 2:00 a.m. The strike is scheduled to last until Monday the following week, at 6:00 p.m.

In this ongoing wage dispute since November, it is the fourth and the longest strike lasting for six days. Apart from financial demands, the dispute revolves around the issue of reducing the weekly working hours for shift workers. The GDL wants to reduce it from 38 to 35 hours without reducing the salary. The railway company has so far offered a flexible model that provides for a one-hour reduction without financial loss. If an employee decides against it, they would receive a 2.7% pay raise instead. Union leader Claus Weselsky sees no basis for further negotiations in this offer.



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