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During Beckenbauer memorial service: Hoeneß reaffirms anti-AfD stance: “I would say the same thing tomorrow”

At the memorial service for Franz Beckenbauer, Hoeneß made an appeal against the AfD. The 2006 World Cup, which Beckenbauer brought to Germany, “initiated a process” that made many Germans proud of their country. Hoeneß wishes for this process to continue in the future. “But I want to emphasize that I do not want the AfD to be part of this process,” he added.

In an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeinen,” Hoeneß explained how the speech came about. “I thought long and hard about whether to say it,” confessed the honorary president of FC Bayern. “You know, when I think of such a speech, I never write anything down; I develop it piece by piece over several days, sometimes at night when I’m lying awake.”

Beckenbauer speech includes Anti-AfD Appeal – Hoeneß “would say the same thing tomorrow”

He knew he wanted to talk about the summer fairy tale of 2006 and the pride of German fans, “with the black, red and gold flags in the streets.” But then he thought: “Oops, someone might get the idea that I am thinking in the direction of the AfD.” That’s why Hoeneß “struggled with himself whether to say that at a memorial service.” But it was important to him, so he decided to do it – and Hoeneß stands by it: “I would say the same thing tomorrow.”

Since the AfD is “playing an increasingly significant role” in Germany, Hoeneß is increasingly concerned. Whenever he watches documentaries about the Nazi era, he gets “upset every time.”

Hoeneß on possible AfD success: “That must never be”

“Man oh man,” Hoeneß says to himself. “If our country even remotely goes in that direction again – that must never be!”

However, he is of the opinion that sports should “preferably stay out of political issues.” “But when it comes to such fundamental issues, sports must not remain silent. That’s why I spoke.”



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