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„Germany is so wealthy!“: Citizen’s benefit receiver refuses to pay – „Then I would have to go to work!“

Dilara, beneficiary of citizen’s benefit, declines to settle her bills. Presently, she feels that her sole existence is to make payments, despite the fact that Germany has so much wealth.

The 24-year-old from Bergheim and a mother of multiple children, Dilara, receives citizen’s benefit. Her life is showcased in the RTL Two documentary “Hartz und herzlich”.

 “I’ll call them right now,” says Dilara in the latest episode, after discovering an unexpected electricity bill. Shortly after, she reconsiders. “Ugh, no. I’ll let my mother do it. I’m not going to pay that and I can’t pay that either. If I had to pay that, then I would have to go to work!”

Dilara feels like she’s only living to pay her bills

Currently, she feels like she’s only living to pay. As an unemployed person, one is seen as a “second class” citizen and all one is allowed to do is pay bills. But no one thinks about providing enough money for the unemployed to pay.

“You also get so much money as support,” says Dilara sarcastically. “That’s more than enough. Germany has so much wealth, it’s not normal anymore!”



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