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Household crisis: US celebrity author identifies three “unsolvable” issues that could destroy Germany’s economy

“The End of Germany” – Gloomy forecasts for Germany: “The end of Germany is imminent.” In American media, the German economy is currently being depicted as a deterrent example. The mistakes of the Federal Republic should serve as a warning to other countries, it is said.

American political scientist Peter Zeihan prophesizes the downfall of Germany as a modern economic power. In his YouTube video “The End of Germany as a Modern Economy,” the “New York Times” best-selling author mentions three factors that, for him, make “the end of Germany as a modern national economy” inevitable.

Zeihan’s latest work, “The End of the World is just the Beginning,” made it onto the “New York Times” bestseller list. In said academic book, Germany is assigned a negative special role on many pages.

Even outside of his bestseller, Zeihan’s alarming prophecies are causing a stir. In his YouTube video, the author, whose works are regularly reviewed in the “Washington Post” and the “Wall Street Journal,” claims: “Three unsolvable problems will destroy Germany as a modern economic power in the next 20 to 30 years,” says Zeihan. “Energy supply, the focus on Russia and China as economic partners, and the demographic shift towards an aging population.” According to Zeihan, Berlin has simply backed the wrong horse with Moscow as the energy supplier, and the same goes for Beijing as a trading partner.

US political scientist predicts the end of the German economy

Berlin’s exit from nuclear energy and an exaggerated enthusiasm for solar panels, especially in sun-deprived Germany, are proving to be significant mistakes today. “Have you ever been to Germany?” Zeihan asks his users. “Then you know that the sun rarely shines there.” According to the political author, Germany’s enthusiasm for solar modules from China has created one thing above all, he says: the first billionaire in the People’s Republic of China.

Zeihan’s conclusion: “It is completely impossible for the German system to be future-proof.” He is certain: “The end of Germany is imminent: firstly, the end as a nationality – solely due to the demographic shift towards an aging society. And also the end as an industrial nation due to the naive choice of trade partners by Berlin. Most of us will probably witness the downfall of Germany.”

“The bad situation in Germany has worsened even further”

“From bad to worse – the bad situation in Germany has worsened even further,” was recently stated in an editorial in the “Wall Street Journal” regarding the recent ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court on the federal budget: “Now Germany must face its green tax truth.”

The moment of truth has hit like a bomb, the business paper further reports – the political crisis is escalating. And Berlin’s “political shell game” over the cost of its green goals should serve as a warning and deterrent example to other governments.

US channel reports: “Household crisis will cripple the German economy for many years to come”

The news agency Reuters opines similarly: “The German household crisis will cripple the German economy for many years to come,” it predicts. The US channel “ABC News” also reports: “Now the weakest major economic power in the world is also facing a household crisis” and asks, “How will Chancellor Olaf Scholz handle this?” Because the necessary austerity measures will only further hinder the already weakest major economy in the world.

The news channel calls the debate about the federal budget “ironic” – after all, Germany’s debt is only 66 percent of its gross domestic product, the lowest long-term debt level among all G7 countries: In comparison, it is 102 percent in the UK, 121 in the US, 144 in Italy, and 260 percent in Japan.

In the British daily “Guardian,” David Marsh of the think tank OMFIF (Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum) says, “Many times in the past, the end of the German economy has been heralded, but Germany has always managed to recover. This time, however, it could be different.”



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