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Restless Young Individuals: Generation Z Overwhelms Crisis Hotlines After Sweden’s War Warning

The Swedish organization for children’s rights, Bris, has observed a significant increase in calls to their telephone counseling service for young individuals. The service, which operates similar to Germany’s “Number against Grief,” was heavily utilized by members of Generation Z after high-ranking defense officials warned that the country must prepare for potential involvement in war. This was reported by the newspaper ” The Telegraph.”

Swedish Defense Minister Warns Young Individuals About War

Carl-Oskar Bohlin, the Civil Defense Minister, stated at the “Folk och Försvars” conference that “there could be war in Sweden.” He also warned, “For a nation that has been accompanied by peace for almost 210 years, the idea that this peace is a solid constant is quite appealing. However, seeking comfort in this conclusion has become very dangerous.”

Additionally, the Defense Minister directly appealed to the young people in his country, saying: “Are you a private individual? Have you considered whether you have the time to join a voluntary defense organization? If not: move.” Bohlin’s videos also circulated on TikTok, the social network where many Generation Z members spend their time.

Youth Organization Criticizes Politicians for War Warnings

According to “The Telegraph,” Sweden plans to join NATO by July, which would imply a stronger militarization. Moreover, the government has pledged to meet the NATO target of spending two percent of the gross domestic product on defense by the end of the year, which represents a doubling of the 2020 expenditures.

Maja Dahl, a spokesperson for Bris, criticized Defense Minister Bohlin for not considering how his “carefully selected words” would impact the young individuals and added: “They should have provided information for children when spreading such information for adults.”

Despite the criticism, Sweden’s Defense Minister and the highest-ranking generals supported Bohlin’s statements because “an armed attack on Sweden can no longer be ruled out. War can also come to us.” Micael Byden, the Supreme Commander, also warned the citizens and emphasized the necessity of mental preparation for a potential war.



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