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Russia: 13 People Killed: Putin Pardons Cannibal and Sends Him to War

A cannibalistic serial killer, who allegedly murdered 13 people and filled his refrigerator with human flesh, has been pardoned by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and sent to fight in Ukraine. The decision has shocked Russian social networks, as reported by military historian Chris Owen on X referring to a report by “Sibreal”.

Denis Gorin was first convicted in 2003 for killing and consuming an acquaintance. The punishment was lenient! Gorin was only sentenced to ten years in prison, of which he served seven before being released for good behavior. Subsequently, as Owen further mentioned, he returned to the small town of Aniwa in the Sakhalin Oblast, where shortly after, he stabbed and consumed a man.

Policemen made a gruesome discovery when opening the murderer’s fridge

According to a witness cited in Chris Owen’s X forum, policemen “opened the refrigerator, and it was filled to the brim with human flesh! He told us how he cut meat from the legs of the dead and examined the biceps to see if there was meat there.”

Denis Gorin was convicted again, but this time was released after five years and subsequently published photos of himself in uniform. His early release sparked outrage in Russian social networks, as reported by Owen. One user suggested placing the released murderer “next to the castle [Putin’s palace] in Sochi”. Another suggested that Ukrainians should equip HIMARS with silver warheads and wooden stakes.

Putin Pardons Criminals to Fight in the Army

As Owen mentioned, it is not the first time notorious murderers and even cannibals have been pardoned to fight in the war. Just this week, it was revealed that Putin pardoned a satanic cannibal, Nikolai Ogolobyak, who had killed and consumed four teenagers.



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