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Starlink Targeted: Russia May Attack Musk’s Satellite Network

According to a space law expert cited by “The Telegraph”, Starlink, billionaire Elon Musk’s commercial satellite network, could become a legitimate target in the event of war if it assists one party in a conflict. While the Geneva Convention prohibits the targeting of civilian objects in military conflicts, the boundaries could become increasingly blurred by satellite companies making themselves vulnerable through either cyber warfare or missile attacks.

Ukraine Utilized Starlink

Starlink has aided the Ukrainian military in launching drone attacks on Russian tanks, although Musk has emphasized that the service was intended for Netflix and not for drone attacks. Russia, China, and the USA have already tested anti-satellite missiles and demonstrated the ability to destroy satellites in orbit. Furthermore, Russia has warned that it will take action against private companies assisting hostile nations.

Civil Targets with Military Utility

Maj. Jeremy Grunert from the legal department of the US Air Force highlighted this week at the UK Space Conference in Belfast that companies must be cautious when getting involved in conflicts. “In terms of the laws of war, a nation must target military objectives and refrain from attacking civilian targets,” he said. He added that civilian targets, however, could be targeted if they offer military utility.

Russia has already warned that the use of civilian infrastructure by Ukraine would make them a legitimate target. Grunert agreed with this, saying that the Russians would likely not be wrong in this context. However, he stressed that this does not mean that civilian satellites would always be targeted or targeted at all times.

Russia Warned Musk against Interference

According to reports, Anatoly Antonov, the Russian ambassador to the USA, warned Musk that interference in the war could lead to a nuclear response.

Musk was recently accused of shutting down Starlink to prevent a drone attack on the Russian fleet off the coast of Crimea. However, it turned out that there was never coverage in that area. Musk commented on his role in the Ukraine war: “Starlink was not meant to be involved in wars. It was so that people can watch Netflix, relax, go online for school and for good, peaceful things, not for drone attacks.”



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