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State Parliament of Stuttgart: CDU Minister Smuggles Beer into Parliament Due to Lost Bet

The “Bild” reported that a murmur went through the Stuttgart state parliament when the members noticed that FDP parliamentary leader Dr. Hans-Ulrich Rülke had a fresh lager with a frothy head in front of him.

“What is this?” is said to have exclaimed state parliament president Muhterem Aras (Green). “There are no beverages or food allowed in the plenary chamber!”

The lager was brought to Rülke by a man disguised as an attendant. The reason for this was a private bet between Rülke and Minister of Housing Nicole Razavi (CDU).

Secretary of State Lorek and CDU Leader Hagel Find the Incident Amusing

The “Bild” further reports that Rülke’s colleagues, CDU Secretary of State Siegried Lorek and CDU Leader Manuel Hagel, burst into laughter after the private prank was exposed. They had been aware of the background of the matter.

Because Razavi had once tried in vain to have a bill written at a hotel bar for “Room 510”, she had been teased by Rülke and other CDU members for a long time. Razavi eventually retorted that Rülke would never dare to incorporate the running joke into a plenary speech – which he promptly did.

“There is someone sitting in the State Ministry, let’s say in Room 510…,” Rülke said in the debate on national debt. He ended the same speech with the remark: “… in Sunday speeches and in Room 510 of the State Ministry, always explaining that we are the big bureaucracy reduciers.”

Razavi Wanted to Immediately Settle the Wager – Even in the Plenary Chamber

Due to the lost bet, Razavi ordered the beer into the plenary chamber, as reported by the “Bild”. It had not occurred to any of the bet participants or those initiated that the dignity of their offices and work could be harmed by their private wager.



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