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At Wismar: Firefighter acquitted after refugee home fire

Following a trial based on circumstantial evidence regarding the fire at a refugee home in Groß Strömkendorf near Wismar, the accused firefighter has been acquitted. The former hotel burned down in October 2022 and experts concluded that the fire had been deliberately set. However, the man was not proven to be responsible for the act or other arsons in the region, as stated by the presiding judge at the Schwerin Regional Court on Friday.

The prosecution had demanded a sentence of seven years and six months for multiple cases of arson and aggravated arson in two instances. The defense called for an acquittal, arguing that the evidence was insufficient in their view.

Firefighter was accused of an arson series – now acquitted

During the trial, the defendant remained silent on the accusation of being responsible for a series of arsons culminating in the fire at Groß Strömkendorf. Other locations set on fire included small forest areas, a carport, and a temporarily inhabited house.

During the fire on October 19, 2022, the former hotel “Schäfereck”, housing 14 war refugees from Ukraine at the time, was largely destroyed. The residents were able to evacuate the building in time, and no one was injured. The property damage was estimated at around 7.5 million euros, leading to the complete demolition of the building.

The accused was arrested shortly after the fire. His trial began on May 10, 2023. In July, the court released the man due to the lack of compelling evidence.



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