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Refugees and Deportation: “Finally someone says it”: User reactions to ÖRR commentary by Julia Ruhs

About three weeks ago, Julia Ruhs delivered a commentary on “Tagesthemen” in front of the television camera. It was her first ever. The topic: Refugees. Her opinion: There are too many coming, more deportations are needed. The result: a backlash from the left.

More on this in the video above.

In her column on FOCUS online, she writes that it is quite amazing how sensitive some people – in this case, left-leaning minds – have become when their cherished worldviews are challenged. “The asylum issue is of course at the top of the list of firmly entrenched, untouchable convictions,” Ruhs continues, thus capturing a feeling that also preoccupies many readers.

FOCUS-online readers’ response to Julia Ruhs’ “Tagesthemen” commentary

Many readers agree with the opinion of the “Tagesthemen” commentator, who is part of a generation that seemingly abounds with climate activists, gender advocates, and zeitgeist followers.

For instance, Eric Heinecke writes: “Wow, everything done right. Finally, someone said something correct.” Frank Hannesen writes: “Thanks for the good contribution. Dear Mrs. Ruhs, stay relaxed. You’ve stepped on some affected toes. They just wail. This does not change your completely correct view.” Ilona Grossbach thinks: “Good commentary. It is necessary to be able to hear divergent opinions. However, if one is constantly pushed from the left, one often veers to the right.”

“Perhaps the ‘Sociological Experiment’ needs to be discontinued. It could be that the majority finds appeal in truth and free expression of opinion in the ÖRR,” writes Henning Jürgensen.

Fransiskus Meier also praises the “courage” of the journalist. Unfortunately, it is no longer a matter of course to respect the opinion of those who think differently, writes the FOCUS-online reader. He adds: “The old saying: Democracy is the freedom of the dissenter remains my maxim in life and therefore you have my respect.”

Appeal to public-service broadcasting

Christine Späth hopes that public-service broadcasting “continues to give her a platform, otherwise more and more people will simply tune out in resignation in the future.” Mrs. Späth was surprised “that a young journalist dares to openly express her opinion, which I believe is absolutely correct and reasonable.” Many now fear openly expressing their opinion, says the reader. “The democracy that I desire thrives on discussions about different opinions and on common sense. I hope that Mrs. Ruhs does not let herself be intimidated.”

Tom Wiese also finds it “interesting that this commentary was aired on public-service television.” Michael Herbig is also surprised: “I saw the commentary on TV and thought: What’s happening? Giving such a controversial commentary on public-service broadcasting requires a lot of courage! Bravo!”

Social peace in Germany at risk

FOCUS-online reader Dirk Hegel refers to the Ruhs commentary as “accurately portrayed”. It is important to be able to express one’s opinion without being labeled as right-wing. “Criticism of unregulated migration must be possible and is very important. Social peace in Germany is already very much at risk. One must not close their eyes to that. It cannot continue like this. “I am not a AfD supporter! I can hardly bear the naivety of the Greens, SPD, and Left anymore.”

Reader Ray Brown asserts: “Mrs. Ruhs has presented her view well. One can also hold a different opinion. There is no place for hatred and insults. Being in a different opinion on this point qualifies someone as left-wing (which is quite one-dimensional). In itself, it is not a problem to be red, black, green, right, left, progressive, or conservative. As long as we talk about problems and seek solutions and not become one ourselves.”

And Claus Cordes writes: “It is really time for the center of society to have a voice again, not be silenced – not from the left and not from the right.”



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