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RTL and ntv’s Morning Interview: When Weidel-Question is posed, AfD Leader Chrupalla laughs at his response

AfD Chief Tino Chrupalla appeared in the morning interview by RTL and “ntv”. There he talked about the women’s image of the AfD.

“The traditional family must naturally be protected […] and also receive tax benefits,” Chrupalla said evasively in response to the question of what a “traditional woman” in the sense of the AfD is.

When the moderator directly questioned whether, for example, AfD leader Alice Weidel is a traditional woman in the AfD’s sense, Chrupalla visibly flinched. “Why not?,” Chrupalla said with twitching upper lips. “Of course, absolutely!”

Chrupalla: “We attribute everything to the traditional family image”

Chrupalla, on the other hand, did not comment on whether the AfD generally considers lesbian women as traditional. Instead, he emphasized once again that for the AfD, the traditional family consists of “father, mother, child.”

“In our country, there are two genders […] and those are woman and man,” Chrupalla said. “We attribute everything to this world, uh, especially to this family image, and we promote that, and we will always emphasize it again and again.”

Alice Weidel does not see herself as “queer”

In September, openly homosexual AfD leader Alice Weidel was once asked how she reconciled the AfD’s queer hostility with herself. As reported by the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, Weidel allegedly saw no contradiction.

“I am not queer, but I am married to a woman whom I have known for 20 years,” Weidel said.

By definition, the term Queer refers to all sexual orientations that do not correspond to traditional love between man and woman.



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