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Saxony’s Prime Minister Issues Asylum Warning: Kretschmer: “Otherwise this will have a dire ending”

Michael Kretschmer, the Prime Minister of Saxony, fiercely criticized the asylum policy of the Ampel government at the CDU regional party congress. “People are no longer being fooled,” the 48-year-old railed, as reported by the ” Bild ” newspaper against the federal government.

Saxony’s Prime Minister sharply criticizes federal government at regional party congress

Like a few weeks ago, Kretschmer is demanding the introduction of a migration ceiling and a corresponding shift in asylum policy. For the CDU man, it’s clear: “Otherwise this will have a dire ending.”

In addition, Kretschmer delivers a devastating verdict on the economic policy under the leadership of Minister Robert Habeck, in the context of inflation and recession. “With a children’s book author as Minister of Economic Affairs,” the Saxon Prime Minister is quoted by the “Bild” as saying, “the federal government is managing to ‘drive Germany into ashes’.”

Kretschmer presents himself confidently ahead of state election, questions “firewall” against the right

Looking forward to the state elections next year, the 48-year-old presents himself confidently. “We have built up the country, we know how it’s done,” Kretschmer explains, according to the “Bild”. The native of Görlitz will lead his party in this endeavor: He was re-elected as state chairman with 89.3 percent – an increase of 14 percent compared to the previous election.

Kretschmer avoids clear delineation from the AfD. The “talk of firewalls” is not productive for the CDU politician. For the dissolution of the AfD, the problems must be resolved, then the party would suffer the same fate as the DVP, NPD, or the Republicans. With regard to a possible government coalition, Kretschmer already has a clear vision: According to the “Bild,” he would like “a democratic government from the center of the spectrum, very, very gladly without the Greens.”



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