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Statement by Hans-Christoph Berndt, AfD Member: “Government’s Anti-AfD Campaign, Providing Nothing”

The AfD in the Brandenburg state parliament considers itself a victim of a “concerted and orchestrated campaign” against them. The federal government does not want to change its policies; instead, it is launching a campaign to “render the AfD impossible,” said parliamentary group leader Hans-Christoph Berndt on Tuesday in Potsdam. A key part of the “plot” is the Correctiv report on a meeting of radical right-wing circles in Potsdam.

“A huge scandal of a government that has nothing to offer politically is emerging,” Berndt said. This government fears the AfD’s electoral success and therefore resorts to “the worst means.” These included “establishment marches,” which obscure other protests such as the farmers’ protests and remove them from public consciousness.

Far-right Allegedly Discussed Mass Deportations in Potsdam

The media organization Correctiv had exposed a meeting of radical right-wingers on November 25 in Potsdam, which was attended by certain AfD politicians as well as individual members of the CDU and the very conservative Werteunion.

Former leader of the far-right Identitarian Movement in Austria, Martin Sellner, reportedly spoke about “remigration” at the meeting. When far-right extremists use the term, they usually mean that a large number of people of foreign origin should leave the country, even by force.



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