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The 28th Conference of the Parties (COP 28): More than 250 officials from Germany in Dubai: Ricarda Lang defends large presence

Ricarda Lang, the co-chair of the Green Party, defended the number of delegates that Germany sent to the World Climate Conference in Dubai in an interview with ” Welt “. “The presence of the various ministers shows that climate protection is a priority across different sectors,” Lang is quoted as saying.

Ricarda Lang: Physically coming together better than virtual summit

She further emphasized that a virtual summit or a meeting with fewer delegates would not offer the same opportunities for debate as a physical gathering. The Green politician defended the necessity of physical presence at such global meetings.

Lang pointed out that there are discussions about whether such conferences could be held digitally or whether the number of participants could be reduced. However, Lang stressed the importance of these meetings taking place in person to bring the global community together and to discuss how to preserve the natural foundation of life.



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