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„The intact world is no longer present“: Bundeswehr leadership considers „defensive war“ on German soil a real threat

In conversation with the „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“ („FAZ“), Carsten Breuer, Chief of the Defense Forces, stated that Germany must get used to living with the threat of war again.

Since the Russian army, under President Vladimir Putin, attacked Ukraine, it must be clear to everyone that a new era of foreign policy has begun. Germany must now prioritize “alliance and national defense” again.

“We must get used to the idea that we may have to fight a defensive war,” said Breuer. “And no longer have the choice of whether we want to participate in a distant mission.”

The Bundeswehr is lagging behind

Although the world situation has changed, this is not reflected in the Bundeswehr’s setup, according to Breuer in the „FAZ“. There are outdated “structures in the German army that make quick and targeted decisions almost impossible.”

Technologically, the Bundeswehr is currently lagging behind many major powers. The Russian attack on Ukraine has impressively demonstrated the importance of technological and air superiority in defense.

The German population must also wake up now. “The intact world, which some may like to believe in, [is] no longer present,” said Breuer. “I wish for harmony for Germany, but also a watchful eye for what could destroy it.”



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