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„Traffic light coalition led us into this predicament“: Spahn asserts that work no longer pays off for “two-thirds of Germans”

The CDU figure Jens Spahn, in the “ARD Morning Show” on November 23, held the coalition government of SPD, Greens, and FDP responsible for the numerous economic crises in Germany.

“It is essential to emphasize: it is the traffic light coalition that has led us into this situation,” said Spahn, in order to clarify the current financial gap in the federal budget. “The traffic light’s accounting tricks” are responsible for the 60 billion euros shortfall. “Any corporate board member who had managed in this way would have been dismissed long ago,” Spahn stated.

Spahn urges the government to finally cut citizens’ benefits

To plug the financial hole, Spahn stated that savings must now be made in the right places. The primary issue is the numerous welfare recipients. For “Two-thirds of Germans”, work no longer pays off.

Currently, there are about three million welfare recipients who are actually capable of working. It is necessary to provide them with a “significantly stronger incentive” to earn their income themselves. “Adding 100,000 more people to the workforce would bring about three billion in savings,” Spahn claimed.

He also mentioned that one could “leave the child basic security for now”, as this would save “two and a half billion per year”. The heating law could be “postponed for one to two years”, saving “ten billion euros in subsidies per year”.

“We are the only industrial country in the world that is in a recession,” Spahn stated. This is unacceptable and clearly demonstrates the incompetence of the current government.



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