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Unexpected political reboot: Notable former leftist politician joins Sahra Wagenknecht

According to the Bundespressekonferenz, former Left Party politician Fabio De Masi will join Sahra Wagenknecht’s new party project, as reported by “Der Spiegel”. During the upcoming press conference, where the establishment of Wagenknecht’s party will officially be announced, De Masi will sit on the podium alongside other prominent figures.

Former Düsseldorf SPD Mayor Thomas Geisel will also be there

Other new faces of the party will be the former Düsseldorf SPD Mayor Thomas Geisel and the economist Shervin Haghsheno.

De Masi previously served as a Left Party member of the Bundestag and was considered a close associate of Wagenknecht. He gained prominence particularly as a financial scandal whistleblower. For instance, he filed a criminal complaint against Chancellor Olaf Scholz on suspicions of perjury in the Warburg affair.


De Masi had no plans to engage in the foreseeable future

The switch made by De Masi comes as a surprise, as he had stated upon leaving the Left Party that he had no intention of “engaging in another political formation in the foreseeable future”. However, it had been hoped from within Wagenknecht’s close circle that De Masi would join the new party project.



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