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Vote for the State Parliament 2024: Survey in Saxony: AfD significantly ahead of CDU, SPD and FDP below 5 percent

In a recent election poll for the State Parliament in Saxony, two traffic light parties fail to reach the five percent threshold. The AfD, on the other hand, is widening its lead over the CDU.

In the latest Civey Sunday survey by the “Sächsische Zeitung”, the AfD gained another 4 percentage points. With 37 percent of the votes, it is now significantly ahead of the currently governing CDU with 30 percent.

Additionally, the SPD and FDP would both fail to reach the five percent threshold and miss the entry into the state parliament. The Social Democrats lost four percent and are currently at three percent. The FDP lost one percentage point and is now at just one percent in the survey.

The only possible government constellations with these survey results would be either an AfD-CDU government, in which the far-right party provides the Minister President, or a coalition of one of the two parties with both the Left (7 percent) and the Greens (8 percent). CDU leader Merz categorically rules out a coalition with the AfD.

Saxony’s state parliament will be newly elected in September 2024. (Tsp)



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