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Disagreement over Traffic Light Coalition: SPD to decide on abolishing the current debt brake at its final conference

According to reports, the leadership of the SPD plans to “significantly weaken” the debt brake. This would put the SPD on a collision course with Finance Minister Lindner and his FDP, who want to stick to the debt brake.

SPD wants to relax the debt brake: “It is no longer contemporary”

In the five-page SPD document, obtained by “Bild”, it says: “The debt brake in its current form is no longer contemporary.” The current “rigid rules are a risk to prosperity for current and future generations.”

According to the document, the SPD aims to anchor new guidelines “for a modern, future-oriented budget management in the Basic Law.” The objective of the reform is to provide solidary financing for the “major future tasks,” transcending generations.

According to “Bild,” SPD members are expected to develop the key points of the reform as a first step and determine the investment needs. In addition, the members of parliament are to discuss how the debt brake must be loosened to allow for further borrowing.



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