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Survey at Insa: Catastrophe for Scholz: Two Thirds of Germans Prefer Pistorius as Chancellor

The most popular SPD politician in surveys has been Boris Pistorius since taking office as Minister of Defense. This is also evident in a special chancellor survey conducted by the opinion research institute Insa. The question was: Should Pistorius replace the current Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz in his office?

64.3 percent of the 1004 people surveyed on behalf of ” Bild am Sonntag ” are in favor, which is about two thirds, while only about a quarter (24.6 percent) are against it. 11.2 percent did not respond to this question. Even among SPD supporters, more respondents are for rather than against such a change of chancellor (47.9 to 47.1 percent).

This would also have a positive effect on the SPD in general. With the chancellor candidate Pistorius (with an unknown opponent), 23 percent would vote for the SPD in the Sunday question – with Scholz it would only be 19 percent.

Pistorius would also defeat Merz – only against Söder would he have no chance

In a direct chancellor election between Friedrich Merz (CDU) and Scholz, the Union politician would win with 26 to 23 percent according to Insa for “Bild am Sonntag”. But against Pistorius, Merz would lose with 23 to 25 percent. Only against a Union candidate, neither Scholz nor Pistorius would have a chance: CSU leader Markus Söder. Pistorius (25 to 34 percent) would be closer to his competitor than Scholz (20 to 36 percent).

Insa CEO Hermann-Brinkert points out in this context that Pistorius is universally popular. “His approval ratings are high among voters of all parties, from the Left to the AfD. So there is a basic sympathy for Pistorius,” he told “Bild am Sonntag.”



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