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Another lawsuit?: After Karlsruhe quake, Merz targets the next traffic light hammer

He expects a first result of a legal opinion commissioned by him at the end of next, beginning of the following week, to determine whether the judgment on the transfer of Corona billions to the so-called Climate and Transformation Fund (KTF) also applies to the Economic Stabilization Fund (WSF), the CDU leader said Thursday evening on ZDF “heute journal”. 

Based on this, the Union will decide whether to take action against this fund in Karlsruhe as well. The energy price brakes are financed from the WSF.

Merz: Government continues budget planning “unabashedly”

The federal government consisting of SPD, Greens, and FDP wanted to use 60 billion euros for the fight against Corona for climate protection and the modernization of the economy, and shifted the money with the approval of the Bundestag. This was declared unconstitutional by the Karlsruhe judges on Wednesday.

Merz admitted that the judgment is likely to also affect the federal states. He announced that he would consult with the prime ministers of the states governed by the Union. It is clear, however, that the current budget policy of the federal government cannot continue as before.

Merz once again criticized that the federal government had not stopped the ongoing procedure for the preparation of the federal budget for 2024 despite the judgment, but was continuing it “unabashedly”. This is heading towards an unconstitutional federal budget again.



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