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Evidence of Incitement to Hatred: Bavarian AfD Representative Halemba Refuses to Resign from His Mandate

The controversial Bavarian AfD state parliament member Daniel Halemba, according to the party leadership, is not resigning his mandate despite a corresponding request from the party base. The state parliament faction has discussed all allegations with him, said AfD parliamentary leader Katrin Ebner-Steiner on Thursday in Schweinfurt. Ebner-Steiner stated that Halemba has apologized for the inconvenience he has caused to the faction. The members stand behind him with the motto “One for all, all for one.” Halemba himself was not present at the press conference.

Public Prosecutor’s Office Investigating AfD Representative

The public prosecutor’s office in Würzburg is investigating the 22-year-old on charges including incitement to hatred. He was briefly detained at the end of October. Halemba is also accused within the party of manipulating the list for the state election to his advantage.

At a state party conference on Saturday, he was overwhelmingly urged to immediately resign his mandate by more than 57 percent of the delegates, who had been among the 161 party members that signed the corresponding proposal. However, the decision was not binding for Halemba.



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