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„Insufficient Sustainable Government Concept“: „Fridays for Future”-Activist Neubauer Criticizes Scholz

Speaking to the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), Neubauer stated: “Olaf Scholz has not given the impression so far that it would be his great endeavor to create social peace in this country through stringent, consistent, successful, socially just, timely and deadline-compliant climate policy.”

Neubauer also sees no effort from Scholz to foster societal cohesion apart from climate policy. She told RND: “Like many others in this country, until today I see no sustainable government concept from Olaf Scholz. This society is under tremendous pressure. People have less and less desire for change and increasingly fear loss. This time brings such an enormity of crises and disasters that trust in democracy erodes to a frightening extent – a Chancellor who goes out to inspire and encourage people would be very helpful at the moment.”

Luisa Neubauer on the Crisis of “Fridays for Future”

Speaking to the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), Neubauer said: “For climate movements, there is obviously a certain danger of getting lost in political dead ends of the 20th century. The climate crisis of the 21st century demands new narratives, new political ideas, and new activist pathways from us.”

Referring to the shortcomings of international “Fridays for Future” groups, Neubauer told RND: “I had wrongly assumed that the respective national movements would independently deal with issues of antisemitism, as we have done here in Germany. For us, it was clear: we do not have to present a solution to a decades-old conflict, but ensure that our stance on the right to exist of Israel and in dealing with antisemitic incidents is clear.”

The upcoming World Climate Conference in Dubai, with regard to the Middle East conflict, “will be an incredibly complicated event for us,” Neubauer told RND. “In an ideal world, we manage to clearly illustrate the diversity of our political realities, the diversity of suffering, and the parallel truths. Ideally, we can create spaces for discord and disappointment. But for me, this has its limits: where the observance of human rights is only urged for one side, where an agreement cannot be reached on the right to exist for Israel.”



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