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Opposing “superficial solutions”: Ricarda Lang makes it clear: Greens advocate for a “pragmatic migration policy”

In an interview with the “Welt”, Ricarda Lang, the leader of the Greens, expressed her views on various aspects of migration policy and the current situation of her party. Lang emphasized that her party stands for a “pragmatic migration policy” and rejected “superficial solutions” in the migration crisis.

She particularly criticized the proposals for asylum centers in Rwanda or upper limits as incompatible with European law, the Basic Law, and the Geneva Refugee Convention. “I think: It will hardly work,” Lang told the “Welt.”

She also discussed the challenges for municipalities in terms of migration and integration. Lang acknowledged that many cities and municipalities are reaching their limits and emphasized the need to support them. “This country has achieved incredibly much in the reception of, for example, Ukrainians,” explained Lang in the conversation with the “Welt.”

Greens’ Leader Lang calls for clear stance against anti-Semitism

Another topic of the interview was anti-Semitism in Germany. Lang demanded a clear stance against anti-Semitism and wished for more explicit words from the Islamic associations. She emphasized that the security of Israel is a matter of German national interest and spoke out against misunderstood tolerance. “There must be a common consensus,” said Lang.

Lang also reflected on her experiences as party leader and the fluctuations in the public perception of her party. She stressed that her political stance is not dependent on short-term opinion poll results. “We are elected to do our work. That’s what we do,” Lang explained in the “Welt.”



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