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Regarding Berlin, Immigration, and AfD: SAP-Founder Plattner: “Entire Districts Seemingly Taken Over by Arabs”

In an interview with the ” Neue Zürcher Zeitung ” (NZZ), Plattner said: “I am a Berliner, but I no longer go to Berlin, I stay in my Potsdam.” He explained that his decision has something to do with the migrants in the capital.

“The Integration Has Gone Wrong”

At the same time, the rise of the AfD “worries” the entrepreneur. Plattner: “Let’s say in America democracy collapses. Then the Western world has a big problem. Suddenly we would have to solve it ourselves. And that with a third of the people in Germany who think similarly to Trump, and who might quickly become 50 percent.”

“If Scholz were to ask me what he should do, I wouldn’t know either”

If due to dissatisfaction in Germany more and more people choose the AfD, “then 75 years of democracy won’t help much either.” He looks towards the United States again: “How can the Americans follow this Pied Piper Trump in such large numbers?”

He also talks about the traffic light coalition. The SAP founder describes the government’s work as “a tragicomedy.” However, Plattner also shows a little understanding for the government’s bewilderment. “It is the fault of the leadership and the way they want to save themselves through compromises in their day-to-day business without showing a clear line,” says the entrepreneur. “But if Chancellor Scholz were to ask me now what he should do, I wouldn’t know either.”

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